TDC Systems, Inc. Suppler Policies

QMS Requirements: TDC Systems prefers but does not require registration to an ISO 9001 based Quality Management System unless it is a requirement that is flowed down from our customer. Unregistered companies may be limited in the projects on which they may be solicited. TDC Systems' customer requirements shall override exemption to a registered Quality Management System.

Policy Acceptance: In order to become/remain a supplier to TDC Systems you must agree to comply with the TDC Systems Inc. Supplier Policies and all future updates to the same.

Corrective Action: If a nonconforming product, service or supplier performance issue is discovered by TDC Systems or its customer, a request for corrective action may be issued by TDC Systems. You must respond to the corrective action with a plan within 5 days of receipt. Permanent corrective action is required within 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon.

Process Changes: Once TDC Systems has accepted your product or service the first time, you are required to notify TDC Systems before changing any processes used to produce the product or service. This would include supplier changes and any changes to your production process.

Right of Access: During the time that TDC Systems' product is being manufactured or serviced at your facility, TDC Systems, its customer or applicable regulatory authority will have the right of access to your facility to observe processes or inspect product. In addition, TDC Systems, its customer or appropriate regulatory authority shall be granted access to records related to the product for up to 10 years after they were produced or processed. All suppliers are also subject to Quality Management System audits.

Inspection: All suppliers are expected to verify the compliance of all products or services prior to shipment to TDC Systems or its designated destination. TDC Systems reserves the right to inspect the product at its facility or at an approved 3rd party prior to acceptance.

Confidentiality: The supplier may not copy any engineering specifications or product related data supplied by TDC Systems. TDC Systems may not share engineering specifications or product related data with any outside source without prior approval from appropriate engineering authority.